Video teaching resources from Wissam Boustany, Andy Findon, Kate Hill, Niall O’Riordan, Rachel Smith, Julie Twite and Trevor Wye. During the AboutFlutes launch month, November 2017, we are adding videos daily.

Kate Hill | Tonguing thoughts 

 Being consistent and aware of how your tongue moves.   

Rachel Smith | Prepare

Prepare yourself – body and mind for a good flute practice.  

Kate Hill | Sound 

 Playing long notes and listening to the quality of what  you are doing during one note.   

Trevor Wye | How it all began.

A round-up of the flutes and how YOU can make your own and many other flutes too! Full details in Fantastic Flutes! (60+ Things You Can Do with Flutes), Spartan Press. SP1128.  

Kate Hill | Reading the Printed Music 

Respecting and understanding all the information on a piece of music. So much information to help you perform in an interesting and varied way. A good place to start!