Videos | Julie Twite

Julie Twite | The Pneumo Pro wind director

By adjusting our lips as well as our jaw we can change the direction of our air stream. Often, we need to encourage pupils to blow the air slightly downwards to hit the lip riser. I absolutely love using the Pneumo Pro gadget to visually show pupils where they are… Read more »

Julie Twite | Bubbles and straws with beginners: developing lip shape and air stream with bubbles and straws

As well as being great fun, blowing bubbles helps beginner flute players develop the embouchure (lip shape) required to make their first sound on the flute. Blowing a long continuous stream of bubbles also helps develop control of the air stream and column of air required to play a longer… Read more »

Julie Twite | Simple blowing game for beginner flute pupils

Trying to keep a small piece of paper against a wall by just using your breath may sound simple but this helps develop a few different skills for beginners. The small piece of paper requires you to create a small column of air with the lips. This helps pupils develop… Read more »

Julie Twite | Four step process to make a sound on the flute

There are many different ways to help new beginners get their first sound on the flute. A lot of the ideas I use, I’ve picked up from talking with other flute teachers at British Flute Society teacher days. This is just one simplified ‘step by step’ method which I find… Read more »

Julie Twite | Making your first sound on the flute

Every flute player has their own unique embouchure. As we all have different shaped lips, teeth, mouths there is no exact one way of making a sound on the flute. There is a great article online found here:  Showing 18 different embouchures, close up photographs and descriptions, taken from… Read more »