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Trevor Wye | How it all began.

A round-up of the flutes and how YOU can make your own and many other flutes too! Full details in Fantastic Flutes! (60+ Things You Can Do with Flutes), Spartan Press. SP1128.  

Trevor Wye | The colour-change flute

The colour-change flute. Then latest in a line of electronic flutes which changes colour as the notes change.  

Trevor Wye | The Cindy flute

Trevor Wye | The Cindy flute

The Cindy flute. A flute inspired by a young player who loved to move around when performing.  

Trevor Wye | The bendy flute

The bendy flute. A flexible flute.  

Trevor Wye | Indian flute and snake

Indian flute and snake. An Indian flute with a transmitter attached!