Videos | Wissam Boustany

Wissam Boustany | Improvising

A short example of how to use simple improvisations to access a natural and musical way of breathing, playing scales, dynamics, timing, vibrato.  

Wissam Boustany | Fear is Your Friend

Wissam talks about learning to see fear as our friend and teacher. Confronting and overcoming the fears, often self-imposed, that stop us from being who we want to be.  

Wissam Boustany | The Learning Process

Learning is about discovery and remembering. Memorisation emerges as one of the key elements in the learning process.  

Wissam Boustany | Using improvisation to develop a natural technique

To find your own voice and develop a deeply personal connection with your instrument and the music you play, use improvisation to facilitate the exploration of so many aspects of music and technique.  

Wissam Boustany | The inspired breath

Wissam explains three fundamental steps that need to precede each breath, taking time in order to breathe in an inspired way that results in inspired phrasing.