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2 Lower Marsh, London, England SE1 7RJ, United Kingdom


+44 20 7401 8787

On Friday, 13th September 1991, Top Wind first opened its doors to flute players from all over the world.

It may have been tempting fate by choosing such a day, but Top Wind’s continued success proves that luck doesn’t really come into it.

Andy and Patrick, after many frustrating years working for other companies in the specialist flute trade, decided to take a gamble and set up the sort of shop that they would like to have seen when they were both studying. They reacted against the ‘hard sell’ techniques adopted by many music shops and created a place where the cornerstone of the service is ‘advice’.

They decided that Top Wind should supply everything that flute players of all standards should have and that everything stocked would be of good quality. They agreed that Top Wind would be regarded as the only place for flute players to shop, and since the beginning they have worked to that end.

From the outset, Andy and Patrick agreed that only flute players would be employed as shop staff. This has guaranteed that the Top Wind staff know what they are talking about and can understand a customer’s needs quickly.

Top Wind never “hard sells” a flute.  Players are encouraged to choose a flute from as wide a range of instruments as possible and to make their own decision based on unbiased advice.  That decision should be made with careful consideration, so Top Wind provides a relaxed atmosphere, no pressure and lots of tea and coffee ‘on tap’ all day so that the player can stay as long as he or she would like (We pride ourselves on the selection of refreshments!).

Top Wind has, in fact, become a bit like an ‘International Coffee Shop’ as it has become the place to visit when you or your orchestra is touring Europe, or you want somewhere interesting to spend a few hours between rehearsals.  Or even simply if you’re in London for the day and want to browse through the flute music and flute recordings.

This may sound to good to be true, but there’s really no other way to check it out except to come for a visit!

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