Kate Hill | Octaves 

Thinking about the airstream for octaves.  

Wissam Boustany | Improvising

A short example of how to use simple improvisations to access a natural and musical way of breathing, playing scales, dynamics, timing, vibrato.  

The man with the golden flute: Sir James Galway

The supreme master of the flute, Sir James Galway has played for world leaders and sold more than 30 million albums but his appeal is thoroughly down-to-earth – as lapsed flautist, Karen Stretch, discovers It isn’t often that I’m nervous about an interview but this diary date with the greatest… Read more »

Wissam Boustany | The inspired breath

Wissam explains three fundamental steps that need to precede each breath, taking time in order to breathe in an inspired way that results in inspired phrasing.